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Bedouin tent

Often copied, never equalled

bedouin tent

Bedouin tent

Looking for a stylish canopy for your event with an exclusive appearance and an excellent price-quality ratio? The unique FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent is the ideal Bedouin tent for any location. A Bedouin tent is also known as a free-form tent, stretch tent or nomadic tent and is inspired by the tents used by nomads in the desert.

Flexible application

The strong but flexible four-layer canvas and the versatile construction make the Bedouin tent suitable for any application. For example, as an awning, canopy or party tent. The Bedouin tent can be supplied in a variety of colours and sizes and is adjustable to every atmosphere and location.

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bedouin tent 5
bedouin tent 4
bedouin tent 3
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Benefits of the FLEXTENT® Bedouin tent

  • Available in many different sizes and colours
  • Flame resistant
  • Fast delivery
  • Sustainably produced in the EU
  • Simple to erect and link to each other
  • Assembly training included

Technical aspects of the FLEXTENT® Bedouin tent

Based on the latest technology and diligent research we have developed a very high-quality stretch canvas:

  • Four-layers and highly flexible
  • Made from incredibly strong material
  • 100% waterproof and 100% windproof
  • Anti-micro bacterial treatment
  • Fire certificates for the whole of Europe
  • TÜV certified up to 900 m2
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Sizes and colours of the Bedouin tent

The Bedouin tent is available in different colours and sizes. Tents of different sizes can also be linked to each other. Thanks to the unique gutter system they stay 100% waterproof. A few standard sizes of the FLEXTENT® Bedouin tent are listed below.

Tent size Surface area Seated Cocktail (standing) Theatre style
Bedouin tent 25m x 18m 450 m2 225 Gasten 300 Gasten 360 Gasten
Bedouin tent 20m x 15m 300 m2 150 Gasten 200 Gasten 240 Gasten
Bedouin tent 18m x 15m 270 m2 135 Gasten 180 Gasten 216 Gasten
Bedouin tent 18m x 12m 216 m2 108 Gasten 145 Gasten 173 Gasten
Bedouin tent 15m x 12m 180 m2 90 Gasten 120 Gasten 144 Gasten
Bedouin tent 15m x 10m 150 m2 75 Gasten 100 Gasten 120 Gasten
Bedouin tent 12m x 9m 108 m2 54 Gasten 72 Gasten 86 Gasten
Bedouin tent 10m x 7.5m 75 m2 37 Gasten 50 Gasten 60 Gasten
Bedouin tent 9m x 6m 54 m2 27 Gasten 36 Gasten 43 Gasten
Bedouin tent 6m x 5m 30 m2 15 Gasten 20 Gasten 24 Gasten

The above mentioned sizes can be delivered in Platinum/Grey, White, Chino/Sand, Red and Black as standard. Other colours are available upon request.

bedouin tent 13

Printed Bedouin tent

The Bedouin tent is ideal for promoting your brand name or logo. With its exclusive appearance, the tent is a real eye-catcher. Have your company logo printed on the corners of the tent or across the entire canvas. Or how about selecting a canvas colour to match your corporate identity?

bedouin tent 14

Local and reliable

As a family business, reliability and quality are paramount to us. We therefore oversee the entire process, from measuring and production to transport and erection. Rest assured everything will be perfect. But in the unlikely event of an issue, we are always here for you. FLEXTENT® stretch tents are produced locally in the Netherlands and Germany, ensuring a smaller ecological footprint: fewer CO₂ emissions and fine particles as well as less fossil fuel consumption.

 Arranged from start to finish

Leave the measuring, production, transport and erecting to us. As we do everything in-house, problems and inaccuracies are avoided and you get the best result, fast. Would you prefer to erect the tent yourself? We would be happy to provide personal training.

FLEXTENT® – buying or renting a stretch tent

Interested or require a quote? Call 0252-377703 or e-mail us at for more information or to visit our showroom. Would you like to rent a FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent? We would be happy to put you in touch with our rental partners.

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