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Semi-permanent placement

Often copied, never equalled

Stretch tent

Advantages semi-permanent

  • fast construction
  • adapting to changing weather conditions
  • Rain and wind protection
  • Construction by own personnel
  • no extra rental costs
  • exclusive appearance
  • durable material

Semi-permanent placement

Stretch tents are ideal for schools, recreation parks and campgrounds as well as for sports and yacht clubs. However, these venues tend to have busy events schedules and can find it inconvenient to erect and dismantle a tent for each occasion. Our FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent is the perfect solution, allowing semi-permanent placement that saves a lot of time and effort.

Semi-permanent stretch tent

With a stretch tent, your guests enjoy a unique atmosphere and the day’s proceedings are not at the mercy of the weather. Of course, the tent is easy to erect and dismantle. But it is much better to leave the tent standing rather than having to take it down after each event. Our FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent is the ideal semi-permanent placement that can stay up throughout the entire season, even in strong winds or rain.

Schools and sports clubs

Our stretch tents are often used as semi-permanent outdoor structures at schools, sports clubs and public institutions. The tent can remain standing from spring through to autumn. Even in extreme weather, it stays firm and rigid without any issues. While other manufacturers use up to three layers of fabric, our stretch tents have a colourfast four-layer canvas made of incredibly strong and flexible material. A safe, high-quality product guaranteed to last for years.

Resistant to all weather conditions

Thanks to the four-layer canvas, our FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent is 100% waterproof and  wind resistant up to wind force 9. The tent will still remain standing safely in heavy storms. FLEXTENT® is the only supplier in Europe with all TÜV certificates and a TÜV construction manual up to 900 m2. We also have all static wind calculations recorded up to and including 900 m2.

With this strong and exceptionally durable stretch tent, you will never again have to cancel an event due to the weather. And the safety and comfort of your guests is ensured.

Erecting and dismantling

Erecting the tent is easy, especially if you position it in the same place each season. Then the fixed anchor points make the process even faster. You can also attach the tent to the exterior of your building.

If you want to store the stretch tent for a while during the off-season, just take it down and keep the four-layer tent canvas and all the accessories in the supplied storage bag. It is so simple and the tent takes up very little storage space.

Local and reliable

As a family business, reliability and quality are paramount to us. We therefore oversee the entire process, from measuring and production to transport and erection. Rest assured everything will be perfect. But in the unlikely event of an issue, we are always here for you. FLEXTENT® stretch tents are produced locally in the Netherlands and Germany, ensuring a smaller ecological footprint: fewer CO₂ emissions and fine particles as well as less fossil fuel consumption. 

Arranged from start to finish

Leave the measuring, production, transport and erecting to us. As we do everything in-house, problems and inaccuracies are avoided and you get the best result, fast. Would you prefer to erect the tent yourself? We would be happy to provide personal training.

FLEXTENT® – buying or renting a stretch tent

Interested or require a quote? Call 0252-377703 or e-mail us at for more information or to visit our showroom. Would you like to rent a FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent? We would be happy to put you in touch with our rental partners.

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