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Our stretch tents, also known as Bedouin tents, freeform tents or flex tents are top-quality. The exclusive FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent is made from four layers of fire-retardant fabric: durable, safe, 100% windproof and 100% waterproof. And of course, very flexible. Below you can read more about the product features of the original FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent.

Stretches beyond the imagination

Our tent canvas is produced locally and consists of four layers of incredibly strong and stretchable fabric. This makes it possible to place the flex tent at virtually any location in whichever shape or size you prefer. The unrivalled quality and flexibility of our stretch tents make them the most popular choice for festivities, parties and other events.

Exclusive four-layer tent canvas

At FLEXTENT® we exclusively use our own high-quality four-layer tent canvas, making our stretch tents much stronger and more durable than imitation flex tents with only up to three layers. Other or thinner canvasses with fewer layers do not meet the highest safety and quality requirements. Because of the strong canvas of our FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent, the stable structure needs fewer poles and ropes. This results in more effective open space within the tent which in turn improves the ambience and acoustics.


Another advantage of our four-layer tent canvas is that it is colourfast. A 3-layer canvas often shows decolourisation after only one year but our strong and flexible tent fabric is guaranteed to stay colourfast.

Strongest canvas on the market

Thanks to its high quality, the FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent has various safety and quality certifications, among which the Kiwa quality mark for the strongest tent canvas on the market. The FLEXTENT® is certified with both the German B1 and European M2 certificates for fire safety. These strict fire certifications are applicable throughout Europe and guarantee maximum flame resistance.

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Technical properties

The tent fabric weighs 800 grams per square metre and has a tensile force of 1200 N/5 cm, thereby meeting the highest safety requirements.

The only one to be TÜV approved

FLEXTENT® is the only supplier in Europe with a TÜV-approved construction manual up to 900 m2. With this certification, our tents are approved for the German events market which has very strict standards. The four-layer tent canvas is not only flame resistant but protects against rain and wind (up to wind force 9) and against UV rays and bacteria (thanks to the anti-mould treatment). The canvas is also easy to clean.

Combining multiple stretch tents

Due to the remarkable stretchability of the canvas, our stretch tents can provide space for large groups of people. This makes the stylish and attractive tents the ideal solution for weddings, festivals, bars, restaurants, hotels, beach cafes and corporate functions. Flex tents of different sizes can be linked together with the unique modular guttering system, ensuring 100% waterproofing while increasing capacity or creating different spaces. The safety of your guests is guaranteed by the multiple bindings.

Available with side walls

Our FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tents can be supplied with side walls if required, closing them in completely. That offers even more shelter against cold, wind and rain.

Assembly training included

Erecting the tent is quick and easy with our assembly training, which is included as standard with the tent.


Our tents are produced and distributed in the Netherlands and Germany. That contributes to a lower carbon footprint; manufacturing them close to home means less transportation. All accessories such as the wooden poles etc. are also produced in the EU.

Manufacturer’s warranty on the seams

A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty applies to the sewn seams and welds of the four-layer canvas.

Local and reliable

As a family business, reliability and quality are paramount to us. We therefore oversee the entire process, from measuring and production to transport and erection. Rest assured everything will be perfect. But in the unlikely event of an issue, we are always here for you. FLEXTENT® stretch tents are produced locally in the Netherlands and Germany, ensuring a smaller ecological footprint: fewer CO₂ emissions and fine particles as well as less fossil fuel consumption.

Arranged from start to finish

Leave the measuring, production, transport and erecting to us. As we do everything in-house, problems and inaccuracies are avoided and you get the best result, fast. Would you prefer to erect the tent yourself? We would be happy to provide personal training.

FLEXTENT® – buying a stretch tent or distribution

Interested in distribution or require a quote? Call +31 613013235 or e-mail us at for more information or to visit our showroom. Would you like to rent out or are you interested in distribution FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent? We would be happy to get in touch with you.

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