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FLEXTENT® canvas canopy

By using a FLEXTENT® canvas canopy, more indoor space is created and your guests stay warm and dry. With its unique, unequalled character, our solution means the old-fashioned, chilly party tent is a thing of the past. Versatile and sufficiently stretchable to suit any environment, FLEXTENT® canopies ensure your guests’ comfort and cosiness and are guaranteed to create the right ambience. Continue reading to discover why the exclusive FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent is the perfect canopy for all occasions.

Rain and wind resistant

In the Netherlands, we have to deal with constantly changing weather conditions and a wet summer is the last thing the hospitality sector needs following the lockdown. But the climate need not be an issue with FLEXTENT®. Our stretch tent can protect your outdoor seating area against the elements. As your terrace will be vital in attracting guests this summer, why let the wind and rain spoil your plans?

Enlarge your restaurant

Aside from protecting your guests and staff against the weather, a FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent serves as a handy extension to your restaurant. You can receive guests year-round and increase seating capacity during busy periods. The stretch tent is also ideal during these socially distanced times when indoor space cannot be optimally utilised.

Parties and festivities

From weddings to business events, our product displays unparalleled versatility. The canvas comes in a variety of colours, allowing you to create the atmosphere you desire. Take a look at our FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent colour options.

 Fast to erect and dismantle

FLEXTENT® often uses fixed anchor points that are not removed after dismantling. This makes it easy to quickly erect or dismantle the tent at any time.

Assembly training

When purchasing a FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent, we provide training to show you how to put up the tent. We teach your staff to erect and dismantle the tent in a short period of time. We also provide tips and information on the versatility of the product.

Unique character

Get a feel for the unique character of our stretch tents by visiting the gallery. Or request a brochure via to gain insight into the type of space and ambience that can be created with our canvas canopies.

Fast delivery

Standard sizes are available for delivery from stock and can be viewed here. We would be happy to visit you to discuss the possibilities.

We also supply bespoke tents and can arrange a visit to offer advice or measure your garden or terrace. Custom-made stretch tents have a four- to six-week delivery time. However, it might take longer at this point due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Local and reliable

As a family business, reliability and quality are paramount to us. We therefore oversee the entire process, from measuring and production to transport and erection. Rest assured everything will be perfect. But in the unlikely event of an issue, we are always here for you. FLEXTENT® stretch tents are produced locally in the Netherlands and Germany, ensuring a smaller ecological footprint: fewer CO₂ emissions and fine particles as well as less fossil fuel consumption. 

Arranged from start to finish

Leave the measuring, production, transport and erecting to us. As we do everything in-house, problems and inaccuracies are avoided and you get the best result, fast. Would you prefer to erect the tent yourself? We would be happy to provide personal training.

FLEXTENT® – buying or renting a stretch tent

Interested or require a quote? Call 0252-377703 or e-mail us at for more information or to visit our showroom. Would you like to rent a FLEXTENT® all-weather F4L stretch tent? We would be happy to put you in touch with our rental partners.

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